Aggregate, Automate and Control

Modernize your monitoring, detection, and response efforts with advanced analytics and workflows.

All the features you want

Discover all of your enterprise network and device data - simply and quickly. Then view that data in a logical and digestible UI. This is the first step to having massive visibility into all systems and is critical to decision making, security, and capacity management.


Use the Oasis Virtual Operator (OVO) to accelerate your DevOps strategy by automating service requests, deployment steps, or other manual tasks.

Event Manager

The Oasis Event Manager (OEM) delivers a mature and modernized approach to Operations Management by reducing the noise in your system.

Trap Adaptor

The Oasis Trap Adapter is a fully configurable Trap Listener and Forwarder with native integration to the Oasis Platform.

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Powerful, yet simple


Oasis delivers business impacting information straight out of your raw data. Countless feeds from your network are consumed by the Oasis ingestion engine, then normalized to generate context.


The Oasis Discovery engine includes both network and device discovery. Supporting numerous protocols and sources, all discoverable assets are added into a detailed inventory.


The Oasis Platform was designed to consume data and convert it into useful information. Making it simple and fast to pull data into the platform and synthesize it with any related content.

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